Simple Music Licensing

 100% exclusive and copyright clear. Use it in your websites, videos, games, corporate presentations, airplanes,public places, podcasts, on hold, apps or show, enz.

Standard License

Standard License means that there are no additional fees owed for commercial use of a sound file as it is incorporated into any audio or multimedia production. Once you have purchased or downloaded a audio file, you have the license to use that sound as often as you like, in as many projects as you like and you will never be required to pay another fee of any kind.


You cannot:

  • Claim authorship of the audio files
  • Produce commercial pop songs with our audio
  • Copy, resell or distibuted as individual sounds
  • Register our audio in Content ID platforms

Extended YouTube License

A Extended YouTube License grants you the rights as under a Standard License together with the rights to use the audio as looping product.



  • Meditation video with endeless looping
  • Ambience background videos with nature sounds

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